MicroStation Software Add-Ins

Providing a full suite or individual subscription options for MicroStation Add-Ins to suit your buseinss needs
Program Name Category Description
bridgePlaceFeature.mvba Bridge design Places a 3d feature at a nominated spacing along a string.  Can be used to place barriers.
bridgeSuperT.mvba Bridge design Used to design geometry of super ‘t’ beam in 3d.  Macro report on taper plates and motor pad levels
bridgeSuperT_v1.mvba Bridge design Used to design geometry of super ‘t’ beam in 3d.  Macro report on taper plates and motor pad levels
bridgeSuperT_v2.mvba Bridge design Solids modelling version of bridge design software.
bridgeTools.mvba Bridge design Various bridge design tools.
cellAlignToAngle.mvba Cells Aligns cells to angle
cellFind.mvba Cells Finds cells within cell libraries.  Search can be based on name or description.
cellOnElement.mvba Cells Places cells on elements perpendicular or at defined angle. Location can be key points or floating
cellOnElement3d.mvba Cells Places cells along 3d elements with spacing and cross fall options
cellPlaceAtPoint.mvba Cells Places cell using active cell settings at points (zero length lines) in active file
cellPlot.mvba Cells Plots cells to active design file with name and description
cellPlotAttributes.mvba Cells Plots attributes of cells at the cell location.
cellReplace.mvba Cells Replaces cells.
cellResize.mvba Cells Resizes cells to a user definable scale
cellRotateByAngle.mvba Cells Rotates cells by user definable angle
cellScale.mvba Cells Scales cells by user definable scale
cellSelect.mvba Cells Selects cells based on attributes
civilBatterTick.mvba Civil Places batter ticks at nominated spacing in 2d and 3d files
civilChainages.mvba Civil Places chainages along linear features
civilKerbLabel.mvba Civil Used label kerbs types (e.g. sm2, sm3 etc)
civilKerbRamp.mvba Civil Places kerb ramps dynamically.
civilRamptaper.mvba Civil Places freeway entry ramp geometry to VicRoads standards
civilSightLines.mvba Civil Places horizontal lines along alignment that represent sight lines.
civilStormWaterPit.mvba Civil Places a stormwater pit
dimensionTools.mvba Dimensions Places dimension leaders with options
doccontrolManageDrawings.mvba Document Control Manages title block tag data
doccontrolManageDrawingsText.mvba Document Control Manages title block text data
elementsChangeAttributes.mvba Element Attributes Changes element attributes
elementsDrapeOnSurface.mvba Element Attributes Drapes elements onto a surface.
elementSetLockAttribute.mvba Element Attributes Sets the ‘locked’ attribute of an element.
elementSetSnappableAttribute.mvba Element Attributes Sets the “snappable” attribute of elements.
elementsSetZ.mvba Element Attributes Sets the ‘z’ value of an element.
elementTemplateTools.mvba Element templates Tools for creating element templates from cells, levels, etc
excelimportTable.mvba Excel Imports selected range from Excel into MicroStation graphics.
excelimportTableV1.mvba Excel Imports selected range from Excel into MicroStation graphics. Ability to import merged cells
excelPlotData.mvba Excel Plots data based on values in Excel.  User can plot cells, lines and other elements directly from excel.
fileSwap.mvba File utilities User can automatically go to next or previous file in current directory or double click on filename to open it.
genCloud.mvba Drawing production Places clouds for revisions
genDraftingTools.mvba Drawing production Used for section markers, detail markers, section headings, detail headings etc
genMultiOffset.mvba Drawing production Copies element parallel multiples times
genPlaceArrow.mvba Drawing production Places and arrow leader
genScaleManager.mvba Drawing production Used to scale text, dimension, cells etc
genTools.mvba Drawing production Copy parallel, place text, circular fillet with list box to choose your favourite values.
geometry.mvba Geometry Report on arc details
geometryArcRadTp.mvba Geometry Places radius and tangent point ticks
geometryCheckIntersections.mvba Geometry Check geometry for intersections
geometryCogoPointPlace.mvba Geometry Places a cell as point and attaches a name using tags
geometryCogoPointReport.mvba Geometry Report on cogo points
geometryCurveSetout.mvba Geometry Reports on curve set out to Vic Roads standards
geometryExtendSurface.mvba Geometry Create lines that are a projection of two 3d lines and extends them to an offset line
geometryPointLabel.mvba Geometry Labels points for set out
geometryQp.mvba Geometry Report on arc quarter points
geometrySlopeAnnotation.mvba Geometry Annotates slope in various formats (deg, m/m,%)
itemsDisplayText.mvba Items Displays text from items
itemsSelectByValue.mvba Items Selects elements based on the attached item value
itemsToFromExcel.mvba Items Writes items to and from excel
landscapeAreaTool.mvba Landscape Used to document plants, trees, species, areas etc
landscapeTools.mvba Landscape Used to document plants, trees, species, areas etc
levelsCopy.mvba Levels Copies level to new name and retains attributes
levelsReName.mvba Levels Renames levels
levelsReNumber.mvba Levels Renumbers levels
levelReport.mvba Levels Reports on levels
levelsUtils.mvba Levels Turns levels off and has undo function to turn levels back on. Sets overrides graphically.
levelTools.mvba Levels Turns levels off and has undo function to turn levels back on. Sets overrides graphically.
linePlaceAtSlope.mvba Line strings Places a line at user defined slope.
linestringInfo.mvba Line strings Used to query line string vertices and report on slope,brg etc
lineStringSetDirection.mvba Line strings Sets the direction of a string based on the RL of the string
lineStringRemovePointsAngleTolerance.mvba Line strings Removes points from strings when consecutive points are in the same direction within a angle tolerance
mXControlLine.mvba Mx Updates control lines with settings
parcelEvaluate.mvba Parcels Used to divide parcels of land.
parcelTools.mvba Parcels Tools to annotate parcels of land.
pilesBored.mvba Piles Used to manage and define data associated with bored piles
pipeEnd.mvba Piping Places pipe end symbols in section and elevation
ptvTools.mvba Public Transport Victoria Tools for working on and checking PTV files.
railUtilsKiwiRail.mvba Rail Places rail geometry from XML file to KiwiRail standard annotation
railUtilsVic.mvba Rail Places rail geometry from XML file to Victorian standard annotation
rasterReferenceChangePath.mvba Raster files Changes path of raster reference files
referenceAttach.mvba Reference files Attached reference files in bulk.
referenceAttachByText.mvba Reference files User identifies a text element that is a file name and it will attempt to attach the file if it exists in the reference file paths.
referenceFileTools.mvba Reference files Swaps reference files single/batch, Reports on reference attachments
settingsActiveAngleTool.mvba Settings Sets the active angle relative to a selected element and the view.
settingsAuxiliaryCoordinates.mvba Settings 1) Creates auxiliary coordinate system at RL 0.  2) Turns auxiliary coordinate system off
settingsGlobalOrgin.mvba Settings 1) Sets Global Origin to centre of design plane
startExternalApp.mvba Windows integration Used to start explorer at current folder or configuration variable folders
surveyCoordinate.mvba Survey Places coordinate points with annotation options
surveyGrid.mvba Survey Places grids on drawings at nominated spacing
surveyXYZtext.mvba Survey Plots points from ASCII files.  File format can be XYZ or ESRII
tagsAssignFeature.mvba Tags Assigns at tag/feature value to an element.  Elements can be reported on at a later date.
tagsAssignValues.mvba Tags Assigns values to tags based on a CSV file.
tagsAttachTagSet.mvba Tags Attaches tag sets in bulk to elements
tagsAttachTagSetSpecial.mvba Tags Attaches tag sets in bulk to elements
tagsCopyPaste.mvba Tags Copies tag values to memory which can then be pasted later
tagsDisplay.mvba Tags Turns display of tags on or off (single/fence/sel set/all)
tagSetTools.mvba Tags A set of tools to manage tag sets.
tagsExtractData.mvba Tags Extracts tag data to a text file.
tagsLocateBaseElement.mvba Tags Identified the base element (element that a tag is attached to) of a tag.
tagsToFromExcel.mvba Tags Writes tags to and from excel – ideally suited to title blocks
tagsToFromExcel_v1.mvba Tags Writes any tag value to and from excel.  Can be used for title block or GIS applications.
tagUtils.mvba Tags Tag manipulation tools
textAlignToAngle.mvba Text Aligns text to angle
textAlignToElement.mvba Text Aligns text elements to linear elements
textBrackets.mvba Text Inserts brackets around text
textChangeAttributes.mvba Text Changes text attributes
textChangeBackground.mvba Text Changes the text background colour
textChangeCase.mvba Text Changes case of text to upper or lower case
textConvertToTextnode.mvba Text Converts text to a text node.  Uses the first piece of text to position the text node.
textDeleteSimilar.mvba Text Deletes duplicate text within a tolerance.
textEquation.mvba Text Apply simple equation to text in design file and updates the value
textFonts.mvba Text Reports on fonts used in the active file.
textMask.mvba Text Places shape or ellipse to mask text
textMaskStyle.mvba Text Places a mask around a text element using the text style
textModifyEDF.mvba Text  Modifies (deletes) existing enter data fields.
textPrependAppend.mvba Text Prepends or appends text string to existing text elements
textReplace.mvba Text Text search and replace
textReverseBearing.mvba Text Reversed the bearing value of a text element.
textRotateByAngle.mvba Text Rotates text by user definable angle
textScale.mvba Text Scales text by user definable scale
textSelect.mvba Text Used to create a selection set from text
textSwapPosition.mvba Text Used to swap the position of two pieces of text.
titleBlockCreateMultipleSheets.mvba Document Control Used to create multiple drawings based on a naming convention.
titleBlockCreateMultipleSheets_v1.mvba Document Control Used to create multiple drawings based on a naming convention.
titleBlockPlace.mvba Document Control Places title block at scale
titleBlockPlace_v1.mvba Document Control Places title block at scale.  Other functions have been added to main dialog.
trafficLineMarkings.mvba Traffic Places diagonal and chevron line markings at user defined angles and spacing
trafficZebraCrossing.mvba Traffic Places zebra crossing with user defined values
tunnelsPlotData.mvba Tunnels Used to plot cracks on the inside of a tunnel
vehicleTracking.mvba   Used for vehicle tracking swept paths
wallUtils.mvba Walls Creates basic geometry for noise walls